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Increase Your Family Fun With An Inground Pool



Throughout recorded history people have always been fascinated by the water. In the past, large bodies of water were often used for cleaning, bathing, fishing, and being closer to the people in your social circle. Fast forward a couple hundred years and people still love frolicking in the water. Community pool centers often bring whole neighborhoods together and allow parents to get a little rest from their parenting duties while the kids go out and play in the water. But what if you wanted to bring the fun of swimming without all the added people? Well then building a pool in your backyard is often the most logical choice. Although family pools comes in many different shapes and sizes, an inground swimming pool is often considered one of the best to build for water based recreation.

Inground pools are a permanent solution to beating the hot weather outside, so you should be absolutely sure that you want one before you put it in. Construction methods for inground pools vary greatly, with the main types being made out of concrete, vinyl liner, fiber glass, steel, and/or polymer. You even have the option to do it yourself to create a truly custom option that your family will love. All these different type of pools come with their own pros and cons. If you have a vision in your mind of what the perfect pool would look like, but can’t find anyone to bring it out, then a build it yourself kit if probably what you’re looking for.

Many modern build it yourself pool kits today come in either steel or polymer, and include standard swimming pool equipment such as Hayward pumps, sand filter, skimmer and return system, main drains, removable ladder, walk-in steps, maintenance equipment and/or vinyl liner. The only real difference between a steel and polymer inground swimming pool is the swimming pool braces and wall panels that are used to complete the construction. Before deciding whether to go with a steel or polymer pool, consider this. A steel pool is best used on rocky or clay soil as it’s much stronger and will not break or develop cracks if installed properly. Since they’re so strong, steel pools come with less braces, which could save you precious time and money during construction.

Polymer’s advantage is that they are way lighter than steel and will not bend, meaning they’re able to handle more pressure and will generally last a lot longer. Polymer pools are best used on acidic soil, but will work on any type of soil as well. One thing to keep in mind is that the acidic soil will break down the resin in polymer pools over time, so you might have to replace some crucial components after a while. Depending on where you plan on installing your polymer pool. you may need to back fill it with gravel to make sure everything stays in place and make sure they last the years of use that families will be putting it through. So before you break ground and start building your dream pool, make sure you do your research so that dream pool doesn’t become a nightmare.

Jenny Willis is a professional blogger that enjoys providing consumers with health and fitness advice. She writes for Royal Swimming Pools, a leading manufacturer of swimming pool kits.


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