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What your bartenders will be serving up in 2013


Let’s face it, for the last few years drinking has gotten a little stuffy. If you are tired of waiting 30 minutes while a mixologist works his alchemy on your cocktail than you are in for some relief in 2013. This year drinks are lightning up, regaining a sense of humor and flying over the bar much faster than

they were in 2012.

Drinks go carbonated

With the advent of home soda making machines many bars and restaurants are adding bubbles to their signature drinks. A hint of carbonation can lighten up a drink and give it a fresher cleaner taste so don’t be afraid to explore this fizzy trend.

More Meat

While there probably isn’t a person alive who isn’t sick to death of the bacon trend that doesn’t mean that meat still isn’t in in a big way. Around the country a tight bond is being made between artisan butchers and high end bar owners so expect to see Bloody Mary’s with beef jerky instead of your boring old celery stalk, meat based bar snacks like charcuterie and meat and drink events like New Orleans’s Pig & Punch party.

Fancy drinks served faster

High end bars are realizing that twenty minute waits while bartenders concoct fancy drinks are bad for business so they are inventing new ways to get well-crafted drinks to patrons faster. Batch drinks like punch and sangria will see a resurgence in 2013 as well as barrel-aged cocktails and mixed drinks on tap.

Molecular Mixology takes it down a notch

Molecular mixology, like cooking, is fun to look at but not everyone wants a drink full of foam and spheres. Molecular mixology will get revamped in the coming year to return the focus on a truly great tasting drink not a scientific marvel fit for Mr. Wizard.

Lower alcohol content drinks

Bar hopping is more popular than ever and many bar goers need to sustain their evening past two cocktails so bars are offering an ever widening selection of vermouths, sherries and digestifs. Beer and wine selections will be getting an overhaul as well as high-proof red wines fall out of favor and session beers become the latest fad.

The Daiquiri makes a comeback

This delicious rum drink is usually reserved for tropical vacations but it will be making a comeback in the New Year. Bartenders will be ditching the sour mix and artificial flavors and serving up classic daiquiris made only with white rum, lime juice and simple syrup.

Chef inspired cocktails

Many of your favorite restaurants will be closing the gap between chef and bartender with chefs eager to create signature ingredients to add to their bar specials. Think infused bourbons and vodkas, homemade garnishes like pickles and peppers and specially crafted bitters and mixes.

Mescal goes mainstream

Look for mescal, similar to tequila but smokier and darker, to be popping up on high-end bar shelves around the country. New York City mixologists are already all over the trend working Mescal into many of their signature cocktails.

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