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Short Term Fun – Long Term Consequences


Burning CocktailTwenty years ago, drunk drivers were barely slapped on the wrist by the legal system. However, an increased level of awareness about the danger of drinking and driving has caused every state to put harsher laws in place, and this can make it very difficult to deal with a DWI conviction.

For example, first time offenders in North Carolina can expect to spend at least 24 hours in jail, and they will also be responsible for paying a minimum of $200 in legal fines. Additionally, drivers in North Carolina who get their first DWI can have their license suspended for up to one year – and refusing to take a breathalyzer test also carries a one year license suspension penalty.

WHOOPSHow Will a DWI Impact My Life?

Dealing with all of the applicable legal issues is going to be tough on your wallet, but this is not where the consequences of a DWI end. Instead, you could also face the possibility of losing your job, and your insurance premium is likely to increase significantly.

There are social ramifications attached to a DWI as well, especially if you happen to injure or kill someone as a result of your negligent actions. It is important to note that having a DWI on your record could prevent you from getting certain jobs in the future, and you could be barred from attending your college of choice.

How Should I Deal with a DWI?

With so much on the line, it is imperative to take immediate steps to protect yourself from being convicted of a DWI. Therefore, your first call after you are released should be to an experienced DWI attorney. Make sure that you are upfront with them about every aspect of your arrest. After all, there are some situations that can lead to an acquittal even if you were intoxicated, including any illegal actions that the arresting officer took such as pulling you over without probable –cause.

taking dui driver from z3Being arrested for a DWI comes with much higher consequences than it did several years ago. Consequences are becoming more severe all the time, as the government’s tolerance of this type of behavior lessens and it can be a pretty scary situation. Charlotte DWI attorney Bill Powers says, “Often times when I see people, they’re not too happy. They’ve normally done something wrong or something bad has happened to them. They need to know I offer guidance without judgment.” Having a skilled lawyer in your corner can certainly make you feel safer at your court hearing, and might mean the difference between reduced charges and jail time.

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