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The Natural (Curly) Hair Movement

Natural trends are in full force in 2020. This trend while on the rise for a few years,  is making a bigger comeback with celebrities, models, and artists choosing natural make-ups and hairstyles. Today we are focusing on hair and why many men and women are choosing natural locks over the …

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does charcoal whiten teeth naturally

Does Activated Charcoal Whiten Teeth Naturally?

Are You Wanting a Whiter Smile with the Use of Activated Charcoal? The question of the day, does activated charcoal whiten teeth naturally?  Customers all over the world have recently started using activated charcoal to help get their goal of achieving whiter teeth naturally.  The idea of not having to …

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Upcycling Tips for Thrifty Finds

For those of us who have an addiction to thrift stores, it can be exhilarating to find something that was both budget-friendly and unique to your personal style. The problem comes, however, when your different styles clash is a strange modge-podge of colors, patterns, and textures that may not mesh …

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