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Quick List of What to Get Done Before Your Vacation

Getting out there and exploring the world can be an exhilarating experience. Sometimes planning your trip can be fun too, but most of the time it’s overwhelming. When you’re rushing around, trying to make sure that everything gets done, there are going to be things that slip through the cracks. …

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creamy chicken skillet

Chicken Skillet Recipe

While I’ve been attempting to stay away from the more decadent meals, I always pull this one out when I need to impress. Everyone asks me to make my chicken skillet with cream sauce. It’s so delicious and is packed with tomatoes, spinach, and herbs. Whether you have a date …

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Top 5 Tips for a First-Time Traveler

At one point in time or another, nearly everyone has that desire to travel. Some of us have lofty aspirations — to travel far away and make their way across a continent or even the world. Other still just want to explore the country that they call home and don’t …

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