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How to Behave When Your Company’s Reputation Is On The Line


LG Certificate of ExcellenceIf you own a company, and you have a criminal record, both your life and the reputation of your business can be challenging. Public appearances can be stressful, and you may need to focus on rebranding yourself for new business opportunities. Rest assured, there are several ways you can help save your company from negative press and restore trust to your customers – past, present and future.

Clean up Your Record

Whenever possible, try to get all of your criminal charges expunged or legally minimized in some way. An experienced criminal defense attorney, such as Katz & Phillips, P.A. may be able to review the circumstances of your charges and help you develop a course of action that is helpful to your reputation both personally and professionally.

Establish or Convert Your Business to LLC

If you haven’t already done so, establishing or reestablishing your business as a limited liabilities company an help keep the liabilities and legalities of you as the owner completely separate from those of the company. Therefore, your criminal record is personal, and your LLC business reputation remains professional.
Create a Partnership
Perhaps you could name a family member as a partner in your company. As the majority owner in the business your son, for example, will be able to maintain the integrity and professional reputation in the best way possible, especially if you are the one with a past criminal record. The public may then perceive your business in a more positive light if you are no longer seen as the primary proprietor.
Choose a Different Business
If the criminal charges you have incurred stand to damage your business’s reputation in a way that is virtually impossible to repair, you may want to consider going into a different business. For example, if you were convicted on charges of tax evasion or credit card fraud, you probably won’t have success as a financial advisor. But, you may be able to run a very lucrative auto parts company or be a sought-after custom cabinetmaker.From getting charges expunged to creating a new partnership, all of these things can help you rebrand your business and your reputation. Just like a public relations expert does for a celebrity, you can also rebrand and send a new message to the public for your company and for yourself. In time, your record will be in the distant past and you will be able to move forward in a more positive light.
Being a small business owner herself, Jennifer recognizes the importance that her personal reputation will have on her businesses. Sometimes it is hard to escape your past and if you have found yourself with this situation, search Katz & Phillips, P.A. on the web, or another established attorney to help clear your name.

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