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Drinking Can Age Your Beauty Quickly!


age_before_beautyHaving a few drinks with friends over dinner is a social activity many people engage in daily in Tampa, Florida. You rationalize to yourself that just because you have a couple glasses of wine with dinner a few nights a week, in Tampa, doesn’t make you an excessive drinker. And, you’re probably right. A glass of wine with dinner actually has health benefits. On the other hand, too many glasses of wine can also speed up the aging process.

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Alcohol is a Diuretic
If you have ever been out with friends and had a few drinks, you are aware that the more drinks you consume, the more frequently you have to use the restroom. When you feel the diuretic effects of alcohol as you deplete your body of fluids, your skin will feel dry and dehydrated, and that means you will lose your vibrant and youthful appearance much more rapidly than your non-drinking friends of the same age.
The Truth About Alcohol
According to medical research, alcohol can actually make you age faster because it causes wrinkles in your skin. Depending on how much alcohol you consume, you may even see a loss of elasticity, redness and puffiness in your face that is caused by dehydration. But, don’t fret yet. Research has also indicated that the amount and frequency of your drinking is really the determining factor in the onset of this premature aging process.
There are No Nutrients in Alcohol
You are probably already quite aware that alcohol does not provide your body with vitamins and minerals like your morning glass of orange juice. If an excess of alcohol (more than one drink per day for women and more than two drinks per day for men) is consumed on a regular basis, you may in fact be depleting your body of healthy nutrients. Without a plentiful supply of nutrients that carry oxygen through your body, you will begin to notice less elasticity in your skin as your body produces less collagen.

Alcohol Can Lead to a Criminal Record
Alcohol can certainly speed up your aging process if you drink and drive and get arrested for DUI. This may be your very first legal issue, and undoubtedly, you may not know where to turn. An experienced Tampa bay DUI attorney can help you recover legally and financially from all the fines and court fees that accompany a DUI charge. If this is your first offense, a lawyer may even be able to get the charges reduced, depending on the circumstances.Although being charged with a DUI is never pleasant, it can be a sobering experience that motivates you to change your lifestyle. Hopefully, the negative effects alcohol has on your appearance and health will motivate you to curb your drinking long before something more serious happens.
Being that Jennifer is a single mother of two children knows the effects that too much drinking can have on women. It ages them with lightening speed! Unfortunately, there are several reasons why single mothers and women binge drink and find themselves in need of a Tampa bay DUI attorney, and also quickly aging their beauty…you can have fun, drink in moderation and still look as good as the bottle.

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