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Bella Roche Jewelry Interview With Founder Lorelei Romero



Bella Roche – Our New Favorite Custom Jeweler In The OC

Recently I had the chance of sitting and speaking with Lorelei Romero, the co-founder of Bella Roche, and I can’t wait to share with you some of the genius jewelry that she has been hand making. Her best friend Lauri and her decided to great a home-based business that involved designing and making hand-crafted one-of-a-kind jewelry. She has created multiple collections of very custom pieces ranging from bracelets to necklaces, and some really cool rings with huge natural stones on them. One of the styles she goes for is crystal with stone that you wouldn’t normally see together by “transforming beautiful stones into wearable art”. Lorelei’s collection can be found across the USA at CERI Boutique in Boston, MA along with other hand picked outlets.

Lorelei founded Bella Roche to offer eclectic and unique jewelry to enhance each individual’s own personal style.

So where have you seen her and her collection? The national TV station Bravo did a dedicated episode about Bella Roche within the Real Housewives of Orange County series which airs around the US and can be viewed anywhere in the world via DVD or streaming.

Perhaps one of my favorite collections is her collection of jewelry that includes mini playing cards that are hand painted on bone that add up to 21, thus making them lucky similar to black jack. This also happens to be one of her more popular collections which she sells on her website along with private clients as she does with her other lines. Some of her pieces are upwards of the $1500 range and some may be a bit lower depending on what you are looking at. Her collections also have some pretty cool names such as her Sage collection which she named after her daughter and the K.T. collection which is named after her son who helps hand make some of the jewelry with her.

In the future Lorelei hopes to be able to take her collections to major luxury retailers like Neiman Marcus and Nordstroms, but she truly does care about the quality and uniqueness of each piece and does not desire to mass produce these. With her fully opted in of over 900 interested individuals, she has a high-end client and fan base to market future creations of hers and continue the brands climb into the luxury space. Currently Lorelei travels throughout Europe and Asia to find beautiful pendants and gemstones that she can utilize for more pieces.

Check out the photo gallery I have included below to get an idea of some of the great items that she has crafted and shows off for us in this exclusive interview.



Big thank you to Lorelei for sharing her collection of jewelry with GotGlam? and the whole Global Good Network. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below about your favorite pieces.

Like Bella Roche on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/www.bellaroche

Get your own pieces of Bella Roche on their site: http://www.bellaroche.com/

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Bella Roche Founder Lorelei Romero with Josh Bois Global Good Networks Co-Founder

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