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Beloved Actress Suzanne Somers, Dead at 76 After A 23 Year Battle with Breast Cancer

Suzanne Somers
Suzanne Somers with husband, Alan Hamel.

The entertainment world is grieving the loss of a beloved actress and breast cancer advocate, Suzanne Somers, who passed away peacefully at her home surrounded by her family on October 15, 2023, a day before her 77th birthday. Suzanne’s journey was marked not only by her iconic roles in ‘Three’s Company’ and ‘Step by Step’ but also by her courageous battle against breast cancer.

A Twenty Three Year Battle

Suzanne’s battle with breast cancer started in 2000. Despite the challenging road, she emerged victorious, becoming a symbol of hope for many fans battling cancer. However, in July of 2023, Suzanne experienced a relapse, which she faced with her trademark strength and grace. She broke the news to her fans in an Instagram post.

Throughout her life, Suzanne was not only a prominent figure in the entertainment industry but also a staunch advocate for beauty, health and breast cancer awareness. She used her platform to raise awareness about early detection and the importance of regular screenings and a healthy lifestyle.

A Love Letter Tribute

On the eve of her passing, her husband, Alan Hamel, 87, penned a touching and heartfelt love letter to Suzanne, a tribute to the deep love and appreciation they shared for each other for over four decades.

Alan Hamel, a distinguished television host and producer, poured his heart into the letter, expressing gratitude for Suzanne’s profound impact on his life. The couple’s love story transcended the challenges they faced, symbolizing an extraordinary love that stood the test of time.

Success Beyond Hollywood

Aside from being a beloved Hollywood name, Suzanne was also a successful businesswoman in the health and beauty industry. She also published  over 25 books and was a New York Times bestselling author. 

As the entertainment community mourns the loss of Suzanne Somers, her legacy as a multifaceted artist and a compassionate advocate for breast cancer awareness will live on. Her battle against breast cancer, her courage in the face of adversity, and her love for family, will continue to inspire and motivate people who know her story.

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