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How To Stay In Luxury On A Budget Vacation


When it comes to going on a budget vacation, we all want to feel like we’re a rockstar, getting the best treatment from the time we step on the plane to the time we step back off at home. Having a luxurious vacation can leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and give you a boost of confidence that can follow you back home. While taking a luxury vacation is something that we all want, most of the time it’s definitely outside the budget. We Cant all afford a private concert or a villa in the water, but here are a few tips that can help maximize your budget to the fullest and get you that rockstar feeling.

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What’s your top budget?

In the end, this will determine the whole of your vacation. How much can you feasibly spend? This will dictate the distance you can travel, the transportation method, where you can stay, what you can do, etc. This doesn’t mean that you can’t plan to go on any excursions, it just means you may have to narrow it down to one or two that you’d think would be the most fun. You can still have a great time, even if these things are limited.

There are also options to go as a group and usually, you can get a discount, too! Start by reaching out and seeing if others want to go with you. This can get a little tricky to plan if you have drastically different schedules. It’ll definitely be worth it, however, if you can get a good-sized group going. Just keep in mind, group rates can vary between 10 and 15 people so double check before you set a plan in stone. This can help stretch your dollar a bit more and give you the opportunity to share these experiences with friends.

When can you go?

Pull out your calendar and figure out a time when you can go. Research your potential vacation spots and find out if anything is going on. Some festivals will have special options for food and drinks and experiences. However, the trade-off is that lodging in these places might be more expensive. Places like Disney World have a reasonably lengthy offseason and getting a hotel (not owned by Disney, mind you) will be cheaper. Bonus: The rides will have almost non-existent lines, and you won’t need to get those extra fast passes. If you look for deals like this everywhere you go, you can cut down on the spending big time.

Do your research on budget vacations

If you put your nose to the grindstone, you can find even more discounts for your budget vacation. There are optimum times to make purchases when you’re gearing up for a trip. For airline tickets, the best dates to book the tickets vary depending on the season, location, and the time of day you plan to fly. Hotel rooms and flights can sometimes be bundled together for an additional discount. Don’t forget to check with your employer to see if you can get discounts and deals through them as many companies offer travel benefits. You might even be able to dig up some extra savings, with online sales on discount travel websites.

While you’re away, keep your eyes and ears open

My grandparents, when they travel, always make a list of places that they want to go to when they were visiting — breweries, tours, anything that they would usually otherwise have to pay for. They swing by on their way to another, typically free, event and ask if there’s an upcoming tour and if they have any available spots and to call them if they’re willing to give a discount on whatever tickets they couldn’t sell. Most of the time, they get no call. But on at least half a dozen times, they got a full vineyard tour, symphony seats, and wine tasting for free because they couldn’t fill all the spots or seats that would have otherwise remained vacant.

It can never hurt to ask, and the worst that they can say is no. Just always remember to be polite. Many of these places are businesses and do have to make money. If they turn you away, it has nothing to do with you, just their bottom line. Be gracious and grateful no matter the outcome.

Don’t let your search for a budget vacation steal your fun

Once you’re out on your trip, you’ve done most of what you can do. The purpose is to get away and have fun. You’ve put in all the research and all the time you could into making this trip the best. Now enjoy it!

Everyone deserves to go on a great vacation, even if it is on a tight budget. A time to relax and get away can help you recharge and bring you back home feeling refreshed and ready to get back into the swing of things. If you’re diligent and do your research, you don’t have to break the bank. You can take that trip and feel like a money-saving rockstar.

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