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January, 2014

  • 22 January

    New Year – New Start – How to Brighten Your Home And Lifestyle

    New Year New Start, Brighten Your Home

    Now that the Christmas decorations have been dispensed with for another year and the house is looking somewhat dull it’s time to introduce some colour into your life. Forgetting about the glitz and sparkle of last month it’s time to introduce so more subtle tones into the home. It’s time …

  • 2 January

    Does Size Really Matter in an Online Marketplace?

    In the world of online handmade craft marketplaces, does size matter, and if so, what are the pros and cons? Today I’m searching for the ideal size in an online handmade marketplace for me to sell my handmade jewelry. This review will help you decide what handmade marketplace you wish …

December, 2013

  • 18 December

    Update your Clothes: Turning Your Unwanted Clothes Into A New Wardrobe

    Whether you love to shop till you drop, or you just don’t’ fit into your clothes anymore, old, worn out, or ill-fitting clothing that you never wear can be a nuisance. Unfortunately, throwing it all out means buying new and that can be expensive. Instead of recycling, donating or trashing your old …

September, 2013

  • 14 September

    Renovation On A Budget: Sprucing Up Your Home’s Exterior

    Often when we think of home repairs and renovation, we think of spending too much money – an investment we may not get back, someday down the road when we sell the house. Although many home repair projects are costly and time-consuming, there are several you can do to spruce …

  • 9 September

    Why Die Cut Stickers are Trending

    Whether you’re looking for the perfect item for your trade show giveaway, or an attractive decoration for your child’s room, you should definitely include die cut stickers. These attractive ‘cut out’ stickers and decals have been much improved with the latest innovations in die cutting technology ; making them more …

August, 2013

  • 9 August

    Is Your Rainy Climate Challenging Your Building Projects?

    Areas with inclement weather such as Portland, Oregon, can often make it a challenge to build or renovate a home. If you can get the shell of a dwelling constructed before rainy weather persists, you can work on the interior of the home without any disruptions. On days that the …

  • 5 August

    Transitioning Your Space from Summer to Fall

    Changing the layout of your home to accompany each season is a great way to keep everything fresh, and it will also keep your living space visually interesting for all of your guests. However, some people are unable to afford to completely replace all of their main pieces each year. …

  • 5 August

    Weekend Garage Project Makes for Big Changes

    Most people use their garage as a storage facility for yard equipment, seasonal decorations and random items, but this does not mean that the space needs to be a disorganized mess. In fact, taking the time to install wall shelves and hang at least one pegboard will make it much …

May, 2013

  • 13 May

    7 Tips for Throwing the Best Memorial Day Party Ever

    Memorial Day is a special day that not only kicks off summer, but more importantly is a day to pay respect to the men and women who lost their lives in wars over the years. Throwing the best Memorial Day party ever can be accomplished with common sense planning and …

January, 2013

  • 30 January

    Perfume Spots 101: How to Smell Good All Night Long!

    My 5 Step Guide to smelling like a rose all night long! Whether you have a big date coming up or you just want to smell good all day or all night long just apply one or all of these methods below! And see the picture below on where to …