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Have an Edgy Easter!

Easter Egg Ideas


Forget pretty in pink, pastels, easter bunnies and all that processed holiday milk chocolate and instead treat yourself to a glamtastic Easter holiday celebration in black and white. This year you can chuck the traditional ways and get a little modern with your celebration! See below for my top picks around the internet for black and white Easter eggs! Some are made with a black sharpie, some are made with paint, and some were painted with chalkboard paint, some were made with stickers, tattoos, beads, and ribbons…the sky is the limit here!

Chalkboard Easter Eggs

With these eggs you can paint the eggs with the chalkboard paint, let dry and viola, you can you chalk to draw or write messages on your eggs! So cool! The coolest part is that you can erase what you draw and keep drawing! One of the most unique decoration techniques I have seen yet! Two thumbs up!

Easter Egg Ideas


Black Sharpie’d Eggs

This is one simple concept that still knocks my socks off ;). Such rad designs can be made from just using a good ol’ sharpie. Get creative with it or use these images for inspiration!

Tattoo’d Easter Eggs

Go have fun with your best girlfriends and go on a treasure hunt to find some super cool tattoos in black and white! You can apply the tattoos the same way you would apply a fake tattoo to your own skin. Plus, there is no mess to clean up afterwards…that may be the best part!


Easter Egg Ideas


Easter Egg Ideas

 As seen above you can either write you own cool thoughts or find some cool stickers!

Easter Egg Ideas

 Adorable beads, paint and glue gun go a long way here!

Easter Egg Ideas

 LOVE this look!

Easter Egg Ideas

 More Sharpie art!

Easter Egg Ideas

 Paint plus sharpie equals perfection!


So have yourself an edgy little Easter holiday and get creative and decorate in rock and roll!

Happy Easter!

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