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Does Activated Charcoal Whiten Teeth Naturally?

does charcoal whiten teeth naturally

Are You Wanting a Whiter Smile with the Use of Activated Charcoal?

The question of the day, does activated charcoal whiten teeth naturally?  Customers all over the world have recently started using activated charcoal to help get their goal of achieving whiter teeth naturally.  The idea of not having to use other harsh types of whitening strips or bleaching methods, which can cause other health and dental problems is what draws people to use it. Being able to whiten your own teeth at home instead of a dentist’s office is very appealing. One of the most desirable aspects of using these charcoal whitening toothpastes is that they can achieve naturally whitened teeth without having to purchase any over the counter teeth whiteners that use harsh chemicals.  The over the counter whiteners can also cost the customers a significant amount of money.

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The Use of Charcoal Whitening Methods

With the use of Activated Charcoal, customers have been able to remove, as well as eliminate, any tough stains on their teeth.  Whether the stains were old or new, it would have the ability to whiten teeth all at the same time during each use. Companies who have developed the Activated Charcoal toothpastes have highly recommended that customers only use the toothpaste a few times a week to prevent their enamels from getting thin or weakened.  With the proper usages of these toothpastes, customers will have their teeth whitened naturally without the use of harmful chemicals, or having to pay a fortune for bleaching processes and visits.

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The Benefits from Using Charcoal Whiteners

Charcoal teeth whiteners have only been around for a few years, but have given customers multiple benefits as well as saving the customer money.  One benefit includes the ability to absorb any type of harmful bacteria and toxins within the customer’s mouth.  Another benefit is the ability to detox the digestive system and trap any impurities within the body.  The biggest benefit that customers like with using these whitening toothpastes is the fact that most whitening toothpastes can remove stains up to 10 years old, which most other whitening methods don’t do.

Other Benefits with the Use of Charcoal Whiteners

Companies who designed these charcoal teeth whiteners have stated that the toothpastes also offer customers other benefits such as intestinal gas improvement, enrichment of oral health as well as improving their overall kidney health. Businesses have designed several different types of toothpastes, powders, and capsules, which all offer the same type of benefits, but have different ways of being prepared.  With the powder, customers have to mix it with water before use.  With the capsules, customers must take the powder out of the capsule before the customer can mix with water and use it. One tip other customers have recommended for those looking to use whitening toothpastes, is to rub or massage the toothpaste on the teeth and let it sit there for a little while to reduce the chances of removing enamel from brushing too hard.  So as you can see, activated charcoal does whiten teeth naturally. 

Key Factors for Customers

• Removing stains

• Helping Improve Kidney functions

• Whiter Teeth

• Promoting Healthier Teeth


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