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Chanel’s Métiers d’Art Show


Chanel’s Métiers d’Art Show in Rome

I don’t know about you, but Karl Lagerfeld personally designs my Chanel party attire and well, all of my attire actually (he just doesn’t know it). The moment that those Chanel models hit the runway I adjust my shopping accordingly. Doesn’t everyone? Well, if you are a late bloomer, keep reading for the latest inspiration coming straight from Chanel’s Métiers d’Art Show in Rome. It’s everything that you will need to guide you through every family gathering, every party, and every night out with the girls and it’s all very, je ne sais quoi or insta-worthy, if you will. It reinvents the little black dress.

Three words some up my favorites from the pre-fall collection for Chanel; Crazy, Sexy, Cool. As they say, when in Rome…do as the Romans do. And the Romans are keeping it a bit more coquettish than we are used to seeing. The flirtatious collection showed legs covered in black lace, tops with one shoulder bare, black mini dresses, tops cropped up a bit, and super defined waist lines with black ciré pencil skirts. Some pieces looking like they just came out of your negligee drawer.

Models looked go-go glam with large demi-beehive hair, big doll-eyed makeup, and of course short dresses. The skimpy clothing displayed with fine lingerie type embroidering was paired with large coats that help tame the collection.

Chanel at the Cinecittà film studio No. 5

Chanel’s Métiers d’Art Show
Chanel’s Métiers d’Art Show was glam darling, so glam!

The incredible show on Tuesday night took place at the Cinecittà film studio No. 5 was staged as the Paris of the past that we all know and love. The set was complete with wine, cheese shops, a corner bakery, oyster bar and the main attraction was at the cinema. The cinema showed a short directed by Lagerfeld himself and it starred a young and flirty Coco.

The fine detailing of the clothing was in line with the fine Paris art we have seen century after century and what a time to celebrate the wonderful history of Paris after such horrific current events.

“I didn’t know when we started the idea of Paris in Rome that it would be the best moment to show a perfect, romantic Paris when Paris today in reality is the opposite of a romantic city,” said Lagerfeld.

“It’s really unbelievable, no?”

Check out the delicious collection here!

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