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You’ll LOVE these holiday dating ideas!

The holidays can create such a romantic atmosphere so take advantage of that and get out with your snugly cuddly bear using these holiday dating ideas. Below I wrote down some of the classic holiday dating ideas with a few fun ideas that I personally love to do during the holiday season.  These holiday dating ideas are perfect whether you’re young or old! So let your inner “Mr. Suave” out and take poo bear out tonight!

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Holiday Dating Ideas #1


Invite your sweetie pie pants over for a movie. When he/she gets there start constructing the most amazing fort ever built by man in your home around or near the TV or put a device in your fort that you can stream movies through. Make sure to have extra pillows around for a cuddly place to snuggle inside once it’s up. Make a night of it, you can eat dinner in there or just popcorn. This is ALWAYS a good time full of laughs and you have to work together to build something which creates extra bonding time. This is one of my favorite holiday dating ideas! I’m just a big kid at heart!

Holiday Dating Ideas #2


Under the holiday dating ideas #2 section we want you to head downtown and take your sweetie pie out for a horse drawn carriage ride! Then take a stroll downtown to admire the festive themed shops and stop at a little romantic restaurant to enjoy some food and music together (make sure to plan all of this ahead of time!). Afterwards, you can go to some grand hotel that has a huge Christmas tree in it and go sit next to the fire together, maybe there will even be some live piano entertainment! This is very romantic and depending on the hotel, you can order some cocktails or hot chocolate!

Holiday Dating Ideas #3


This one is pretty self-explanatory but try to find an outdoor hot tub and go relax in the cold weather. And make sure to try and incorporate frozen hot chocolates! So fun!

Holiday Dating Ideas #4


This one is a classic, there is nothing better than embarrassing yourself on the ice rink every winter with the one you love and love to make fun of :p! After you burn all of those calories ice skating, head out for dinner somewhere cozy.

Holiday Dating Ideas #5


Grab 2 blankets and a basket filled with an appetizer and hot chocolate (of course… its winter, it’s what you are supposed to drink in the winter) and snuggle up on 1 blanket with the other blanket on both of you and watch the sun go down somewhere beautiful.

Holiday Dating Ideas #6


If you are younger then this will probably be less exciting but for us older folks who no longer hang out at the mall every weekend anymore it’s really fun! There is something about the mall during the holidays that is so fun and beautiful. So grab your sweetie and head to the mall one night for people watching, a movie, trying funny things on, taking pictures in the photo booths, and eating bad food court food!

Holiday Dating Ideas #7


No. Not fast food. Gross. Lol. I meant drive through your favorite neighborhood and check out all the Christmas lights. This one is another one of those classics that you just got to do. Pick up your honey pie and cruise the streets and then maybe go see a dive-in movie (hopefully a Christmas flick)! Oh yeah, and don’t forget the hot chocolate!

Holiday Dating Ideas #8


Yes, it’s the girlie holiday favorite that you also must do! So grab your pea coats and head to the show. Make sure to grab a souvenir like an ornament that can be hung on the tree and will remind you of that night for years to come.

Holiday Dating Ideas #9


Whether it’s shopping for a Christmas tree, going to cut one down do it together, this is for some reason very romantic! And/or you can decorate a tree together, maybe even go home and bake some cookies together. Add in whatever creative activities you might enjoy to make it a fun night that is filled with laughs and love. Make sure to que up the Christmas tunes!

Holiday Dating Ideas #10


Spend the day in the snow sledding and building snowmen! It doesn’t snow near you? Hit the slopes, sure it might drive the cost of your date up a bit but it will be well worth it!

I hope all of you love birds out there have fun with these holiday dating ideas and have a beautiful holiday season filled with lots of smoochie time.

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