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Wanderlust – What It’s About

Wanderlust This Way
Wanderlust This Way


Wanderlust, the dreamy term that seems to be hash tagged every 10 seconds all around the world is catching on fire, but why? The term wanderlust means to have a strong desire to travel. Many argue that wanderlust is more about traveling / exploring and less about vacationing / relaxing. Many also argue that traveling and hash tagging all of your photos #wanderlust is just the trending thing to do now with more focus on just getting the photo than actually experiencing the moment, especially among millennials. No work, all play. Whatever your opinion is, follow along as I give you my point of view and my own feelings of wanderlust.

Wanderlust Is Contagious
Wanderlust is contagious. So is positivity. Show it and watch it spread to those around you. This photo was taken at Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma in San Diego.

For many years I allowed a few very unfortunate events to take over my mood, my goals and my way of life. I was unhappy and not the self I had been my whole life… friendly, energetic, happy, curious and adventurous. Instead I stopped eating healthy, stopped working out and stopped being social and it took a giant toll on me. I just stayed in and focused on my family and work only. I took vacations here and there but something was missing. Well, I am happy to say that I have recently found that “something” that had been missing.

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Happiness & Wanderlust, They’re Both a Decision

The missing key for me was the decision to be happy. I even get a little teary-eyed just typing this. For whatever reason I had decided to be unhappy due to sadness, guilt, disappointment…you name it. I was constantly placing blame about why I felt the way I did and constantly looking for medical reasons why I felt so bad physically and emotionally. Then I went through some even harder times while living outside my home state of California. Once we made the decision to come back home something just clicked for me. Suddenly, my natural positive view on life just came back. I look up and see a palm tree and I feel good. I appreciate it and am so thankful for it. I realize how much I had been taking the wonderful things in my life for granted. I have made a constant effort to eat healthy again, hence my new found love of photographing my food on IG, lol. I have made a slightly less effort to exercise, lol, that one is harder but I am doing something every day, big or small…just doing something. Lastly I have jump started my natural feelings of wanderlust back up. I make it a point to leave my home and computer at least once a week to explore my surroundings. I am fortunate enough to live in San Diego that has countless places to explore but I am no longer taking it for granted. I want to see it all, re-experience places I’ve seen and find all the places I haven’t.

See the Good in Wanderlust

Wanderlust Essentials
Wanderlust Essentials

This getting out of my house and exploring has felt amazing. I missed 2 weeks so far in my few months that I’ve been here and I immediately started to feel that depressing itch come over me to get the heck out of my house and find something new, breathe some fresh air and enjoy not knowing where I’ll end up.

Wanderlust isn’t just a trend that is sweeping over millennials who prefer to play instead of work. It is actually a very productive goal to have… #goals. To even begin to start thinking about adventuring you have to work to be able to pay for it. It takes discipline, to get up and go even when you are tired or nervous and the plan is to hike 6 miles in the heat or get on a 17 hour flight. It also takes discipline to go back to work when the fun is over. It is also healthy to get up and get out and see something new, this causes great personal growth. It also helps keep your mind healthy. You don’t need to travel across the globe, go be tourist in your own town. Find unique things off the side of the road, go on hikes, find the: rivers, oceans and lakes, see the tourist attracts and more! Whatever your home offers, go check it out. Just go outside.

See The Good In Everything

So to anyone who is feeling unhappy in their lives, work to find your “palm tree” whatever it may be for you. Don’t aspire to be just like anyone you follow on social media, create your own path and happiness, even if it’s not trendy. And stop taking advantage of everything you have! Believe me, out there somewhere is someone who would hashtag #goals to your life every day of the week.

Wanderlust led me to Ho Chi Minh Trail on La Jolla Farms Rd.

Find the good in all of your experiences. It’s a process especially when there is plenty to bog you down but over time with constant focus on wanting to be happier, at some point it will click for you too…it’s a decision. Sometimes not an easy decision but a decision all the same. So I prescribe to DECIDE to be happy, to eat healthy, drink water, sleep enough, move around every day (some form of exercise), and apply some wanderlust to your life. Then prepare to be HAPPY and for the inevitable itch to share your journey with the world via social media 😉

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Jessica Feigner

Owner of international beauty service company, Event Makeup in San Diego | Blogger | Mama | Veggie Lover | Explorer ~Follow Event Makeup @eventmakeupartists on IG. "I look forward to keeping you connected to the elusive world of all things fashion, beauty & health." -Jessica

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