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What is the DIY Liquid?


DIY LiquidWhile store bought E-Liquid is used by many who vape, some of us find great joy in preparing our own liquids, may it be just for the discovery of new flavors and aromas, or because it can save up some dollars at the end of the month. Be it as it may, it is not as complicated as one might assume, since this electronic cigarette liquid is mostly made up of water, a base, flavor and the nicotine or some other additive.

The liquid base is generally either propylene glycol, PG 400 or Glycerin and is the component that creates the visible smoke that comes out of electronic cigarettes (this ingredient is also used in smoke machines to create the fog).

Where flavors are concerned, these should be food grade, water soluble and extremely high temperature resistant ingredients. You can choose between apple, banana, blackberry, and all other berries or fruits, caramel, almonds, chocolate, cinnamon, honey, jasmine, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. You can decide to add between 10 and 20 percent of the flavor into the juice you are preparing, keeping in mind that the nicotine density, the liquid base and your personal taste should all be taken into consideration. If you don’t know where to start, take a look at some blu e cig flavors beforehand. Nicotine is not mandatory but many choose to add it to their cigarette liquid, alongside herbal or other additives.

Water should be something to be wary about since only distilled water is considered safe to vape. Tap water for instance contains too many filtering chemicals so as to be considered OK to be vaporized in your lungs. Water percentage modification will influence the smoke thickness, so use less water if you want dense smoke and more water if it should not be so strong. Furthermore, during the hot seasons or when you find yourself in high temperature rooms, simply add less water to the liquid, it will improve the quality of the vaping experience. Be sure to not make your liquid to runny, so that it does not leak in the battery.

The most delicate aspect of the concoction is nicotine. As you already know, it is toxic in large quantities so you must pay attention to how much you add to your liquid. In small quantities it has been shown to have a stimulant effect, alertness and in larger quantities relaxation.

Be sure to do your math before adding the nicotine, the density is the number of nicotine milligrams per E Liquid milliliter (for instance a 10ml bottle of E liquid with 24mg nicotine actually contains 24 mg times 10 milliliters, so 240 mg). So now all that is left is for you to start brewing!

Author Bio:

Anna Robeson believes that the best part about electronic cigarettes is playing with the device before inhaling the vapors. She has also made the switch a few years ago, and she is very happy with her decision.

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