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Burlesque Star Dita von Teese is Selling her Vintage 39 Packard


Burlesque Star Dita von TeeseMarilyn Manson’s former wife and world known burlesque dancer, Dita von Teese has announced that she is selling her own 39 Packard. The car will be sold on an online auction with the bidding starting at 323 pounds. Dita announced she decided to sell her car after purchasing a 1940 Cadillac convertible Sedan for her driving needs.

The 40 year old fantastic looking burlesque star is well-known for her dancing, modeling and acting career, to name a few. Dita has chosen to make a full presentation of the car by making a photo-shoot like none others. The sexy diva wears skin gloves and a sexy outfit, hopping that the presentation would win the hearts of fans and raise the bidding. I guess everybody’s thoughts are: Too bad the seller is not included in the package.

Recently, Dita is also starring in the Up in the Air video of the band 20 seconds to Mars. The album that also features the song Up in the Air is called Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams will be out and available for fans all over the world starting with May 21st. The clip is available for fans, both online as well on TV, as you can check out some Time Warner Cable Offers that will allow you to see this video.

When it comes to the vintage 39 Packard, Dita enjoyed driving the car personally and also stated that it has been one of her favorite cars. The current bid on eBay is of US $15,100.00.  The car is described to be in an excellent driving condition, a classic 1930’s era top-of the-line automobile. Dita describes the car as being “the notoriously kind of car that gangsters rode” and also being “fast, cool and slick”. The color, as Dita confirms, is the original paint, called Packard French Blue.

Fans will be thrilled to know that the car is also available for and inspection before the buying. Dita announced that unfortunately, she will not be present at the auction as she is letting a third party to organize and supervise the transaction.

The all natural diva dancer developed her own line of lingerie back in 2012 for Wonderbra. She also released a make-up collection called Classics with the help of the German cosmetics brand art Deco. The star also released her own underwear and clothing line called the Von Follies, allowing women all over the world to bring burlesque fantasies to their own boudoir. Von Teese’s unique style is inspired by eccentric women like Luisa Cassata, Anna Piaggi, and Isabella Blow.

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