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Is The Gym Liable for My Disability?


Avoiding injuries at the gym should definitely be on the back of everyone’s mind when they are working out. Unfortunately, accidents can occur even when the individual is being extremely careful, and some injuries can be serious enough to cause a life-altering disability. If this happens to you at your local gym, you might think that you do not have any legal recourse because you signed a liability waiver. However, this is not always the case.

Are Liability Waivers Legal?
Asking each new gym member to sign a liability waive is legal, but this does not mean that the waiver will hold up in court. After all, the gym still has the responsibility of keeping the equipment in proper working condition, and it is also important to note that many waivers do not adhere to local laws. Therefore, if you are injured at the gym in an incident that you did not personally cause, you should definitely consider taking legal action.


How Do I Determine Who is Responsible?
The type of injury that you sustain will help determine who is at fault. For example, if you slip and fall on a wet spot that was not properly marked, the gym can definitely be held responsible. On the other hand, if you choose to lift weights that are too heavy and it causes you permanent damage, it will be difficult to pin the blame on anyone other than yourself.

What Should I Do First?
Unfortunately, it can become much more difficult to determine who is at fault if you are unsure exactly what happened. Therefore, if you are injured as the result of properly using defective exercise equipment, you should take immediate steps to preserve the evidence, including taking photos and asking witnesses to provide you with a written statement.
What next?
It’s important to get professional opinions on both your injury and on your legal rights. Make an appointment with your doctor to determine if you will need to see a specialist or require therapy to recover from your injury, and ensure that you get copies of any medical reports or notes. Consulting and researching on legal websites such as www.disabilitydenials.com will also help you to ascertain what your next move legally should be.
If you are confident that the gym should be held liable for your injury, you will need to contact an accident attorney. A lawyer will help you build a solid case against the gym, and they will also make sure that you file your case in time to comply with you state’s statute of limitations. Keep in mind that the testimony of any applicable witnesses will become shakier over time, so it is vital to pursue legal action as soon as possible.
Kari Lloyd is a writer and blogger who contributes to a wide variety of publications. She is also an avid gym user. Using sites like www.disabilitydenials.com to research your gym’s legal responsibilities can help to ensure you receive full compensation for any injury you sustain during your workout.

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