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Snowbird? 5 Top Tips To Safely Take Flight!


Florida SunsetWinter is here and many people have begun to make plans to leave for their summer homes and head south for the winter months. Even if people have made their southbound trips dozens of time before, however, they are still encouraged to take precautions that will ensure their safety, health, and happiness.

Watch Out for Delays

While most state road crews wrap up their summer road construction projects well before autumn, some crews work into the late fall and early winter. Snowbirds on their way to popular wintertime destinations may be faced with travel delays or having to take detours with which they are unfamiliar. Travelers can overcome these delays by using technology such as travel websites and state 411 road conditions applications on their cell phones. With this information readily available to them, they can adjust their travel plans and arrive to their destinations safely.

Drive CarefulDriving to the beachly

This tip goes without saying. However, many people each year get caught up in the excitement of their journeys or get too confident about being able to navigate the road. Even the best of driver is reminded to watch for road and traffic conditions that could lead to an accident or worse. Taking the time to drive carefully can be rewarded with a leisurely and enjoyable winter getaway in a warmer climate.

While no snowbird anticipates being in a car crash, many travelers experience devastating wrecks that bring their winter journeys to an end. If people are involved in a wreck, it is vital that they know how to react and protect themselves legally and financially. Try to get as much information as possible regarding the crash for your claim because, as one Orlando car crash attorney notes,”When you sustain more serious or costly injuries, on the other hand, you may need broader compensation. You may need to have money to pay medical bills that exceed your no-fault coverage and you may have a lifetime of lost wages.”

Be Aware of Theft

Many travelers each fall victim to thieves and burglars. They may be unaccustomed to locking up their belongings and thus suffer their purses, wallets, and other valuables being stolen. Because predators often target traveling snowbirds, it is vital that these people be on the lookout for others who may want to steal from them or scam them out of money.

One important tip: do not broadcast your upcoming travel on social media. You can post your vacation pictures when you get back from your trip. They are also reminded to contact law enforcement immediately if they have been victimized in this manner.

Watch the Weather

Travelers may try to escape the oncoming cold of winter, only to face the peril of thunderstorms, hails, and high winds faced by the Southern region each year. Before they embark on their journeys, snowbirds can use travel apps and Internet websites to stay abreast of the weather. Using these sites and apps, they can avoid bad weather and adjust their travel plans as needed.

Snowbirds often take flight to get away from the oncoming winter snow and cold. As they set out on their travels, they are reminded to take these precautions to stay happy, healthy, and safe.

Being a former snowbird prompts Nadine Swayne to share this advice with fellow travelers. Planning is always the key, whether it’s avoiding an Orlando car crash due to bad weather or making sure your belongings are locked up from thieves, these precautions can lead to peace of mind and having a relaxing, fun trip!

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