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Where to Use Bronzer

Shape, Sculpt, & Slenderize Your Face with Bronzer!

  1. Use bronzer on your temples! Take your bronzer from your temples and up just a bit to the side of your forehead (see example).
How to bronze your temples
Who better to be our example than the perfectly bronzed, Kim Kardashian?!
  1. No need for that face lift! Just sculpt your cheeks with your bronzer! Right under the cheek bone apply your bronzer, sweeping in a slight ‘C’ motion. If you watch yourself make a few facial movements in the mirror or make the fish face you will see the natural darkening under your cheek bone, apply there. Then add a little highlighting powder to the cheek bone for an added effect!
Where to place bronzer on your cheeks
If you look at the picture on the left you will see that darkened area under the cheek bone. The picture on the right shows the slight ‘c’ shape you should make when applying the bronzer.
  1. Slenderize your nose with bronzer! Many celebs use this trick! Using a light bronzer or even a very light matte brown eyeshadow, use a brush to go from your eyebrows along the bridge of your nose all the way down to the tip.
How to bronze your nose
Your bronzer should extend from the tip of your nose to the tip of your eyebrows (making this look natural will take some practice).
  1. Don’t forget about your jawline! Apply your bronzer right under your chin and extend up to your earlobes. This can actually help hide or minimize a double chin!
Where to place bronzer on your jawline
Create a toned looking jawline by applying bronzer under the chin up to each earlobe.
  1. Want a slimmer neck? Will you can elongate your neck with bronzer. Just apply the bronzer to the sides of your neck and place some highlighting powder on your collarbone.
Where to place bronzer on your neck
Slenderize your neck!


Take a clean powder brush and blend each area with the rest of your face.

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