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GotGlam’s Interview with Mindy Robinson!

Mindy Robinson

Mindy Robinson, while in San Diego recently sat down with me for an exclusive interview! She is an actress/model/comedian/reality star based out of L.A. She also stopped by Event Makeup for costume makeup and a Halloween themed shoot with Rueben Dixon of Glamtography!

Mindy Robinson
Mindy Robinson

What age did you enter the entertainment industry & what was your first ‘gig’?

I started acting a year and a half ago when I accidentally fell into my first role in the movie Mansion of Blood. I continued to book gigs and ended up moving to Hollywood in June last year.

How did you get into the entertainment industry?

I was a nerdy kid most of my life, I wasn’t quite a looker. But charisma and confidence and learning how to present myself over the years has allowed me to create a special niche for myself in the community.

What advice would you give an aspiring model/actress/etc?

Perfection is bland, having imperfections is what it takes to get noticed and remembered in the industry. And stop taking advice from people that aren’t successful themselves, lol.

Can you provide a list of work people can find you in?

Take Me Out, Celebridate, Millionaire Matchmaker, Excused, Who Wants to Date a Comedian, Tosh.O, The Haunting of Whaley House, Killjoy Goes to Hell, American Lie, Chicks Dig Gay Guys, Lizzie Borden’s Revenge, Bloodsucka Jones, and numerous other shows films and music videos.

Mindy Robinson
Mindy Robinson

Where were you born?

Fall River, MA. East coast baby!

Did you have any models/ actresses that you looked up to as a child?

I always had a fascination with Mariah Carey. She was always reinventing her image to be current and fresh, but always stayed true to her own style. I know she’s

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Where have you traveled to in the world?

I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to Japan, India and Thailand…still…my favorite place is Maui.

You’ve had such a diverse career from model to actress to everything. Can you tell us about your most recent project?

I’m always balancing promoting new projects that are coming out, filming new content, and auditioning for future work…I guess my most recent project would be the “3:00 am Show” that airs on KDOC as a series cast member. I’ve got some great characters in that, lol. I’m also booked to film supporting roles in a new Discovery channel show and 3 different features next month already.

Which do you enjoy more, modeling or acting?

Modeling’s cool when you get to see yourself in an add, romance novel cover or poster, I’m always like “wow, is that really me?” lol But I love acting, especially comedy and getting to watch and hear everyone’s reaction to it. It’s what I’ve been dreaming about all my life and never knew was within my reach the whole time.

Do you have a favorite celebrity? Anyone in particular you would like to work with in the future?

I always had a crush on Cary Elwes from The Princess Bride, I worked on the movie Feed The Dog as featured background and although I got to be in scenes with Selena Gomez, Elisabeth Shue and Dylon McDermott….he wasn’t there on the days I filmed, boo.

Have you always had this outgoing tv-ready personality?

Um…yea. Comedy runs through me…I have this twisted sense of humor I can’t hold back. I’m glad that I finally get to put it to some use.

Dating anyone?

Perpetually dating. Aside from the 6 dating shows I’ve done this year…I’ve learned that guys probably think I’m pretty hot until I start talking about all kinds of inappropriate things and jokes.

If not, describe your ideal guy:

I don’t know anymore, I might be hopeless at this point lol

Your body is amazing, what do you do to stay so fit?

I’m kind of a garbagevore…I hate healthy food so to stay skinny I have to cut back on the portion size of almost every meal.

What is your favorite junk meal?

Funyuns and chocolate milk

You seem to always be camera ready, what beauty tips or products have you picked up during your career that you swear by?

I’ve never smoked, I think it’s the unhealthiest thing you can do to your skin, I’ve seen so many 20 year old girls that look older than me and thought that I was younger than them. I also drink water instead of soda…no need to consume extra calories just to wash down a meal.

As a model, there must be a lot of pressure to always look made up. What is your morning beauty routine?

You can probably get through a basic day with just foundation and mascara…and sunblock, I’ve been wearing it since high school. I only feel naked not wearing makeup at night.

Mindy Robinson
Mindy Robinson

What beauty products do you make sure you don’t leave home without?

I like having pressed powder, just brushing it on my face makes me feel clean and new again. And Visine….after a long day I still can’t afford to look tired.

Lipstick or lip gloss?

Lipstick for photos, lip gloss for everyday wear, something fruity.

What is your favorite clothing designer?

Guess and Bebe, they’re sexy and classy and usually age appropriate.

You’re currently based out of LA right? When you come to San Diego, what are your favorite places to go (restaurants, beach spots, shopping, clubs, etc?) Besides Event Makeup of course ;):

I can’t go to SD and not stop by to see my hommies at Pacers, I’ve even brought my mom in there. I’ll never be ashamed of having been a topless dancer, I’ve made so many good friends over the years and it always feels like family.

Event Makeup features their artist’s work on their FB page at www.facebook.com/EventMakeup, which makeup artist’s work is your favorite?

You know I’m going to say Rueben Dixon….he made looking dead look sexy, lol.

I know you work closely with many photographers but if you had to choose one, who is your favorite?

Oh no, that’s like asking me which one of my cats is my favorite. In no particular order I’ll give props to my 3 favs, Mike Prado, Michael Bell and Reuben Dixon.

What is your beauty routine at night?

Clean face, a self tanning moisturizer, and my mouth retainer….on the nights I just don’t pass out on my bed at least.

What do you sleep in, favorite type of pj’s?

T shirt and panties…in the winter I have to wear fluffy socks, I just can’t sleep with cold feet.

Keep up with Mindy at her IMDB page! And check out her photo shoot with Event Makeup and Glamtography HERE!


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