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DeAnna Reneae’s Sex Drugs And Divas!

“Sex Drugs And Divas”

Sex Drugs And Divas

 Too often young people are drawn to what seems to be the ‘glamorous life’ of the entertainment industry, parties, clubbing, and making quick money. While all of that can lead to great things, one must stay true to their morals, their beliefs, and do what makes them happy, while venturing through the industry. Do the things you want to do and don’t do the things that you don’t want to do. Even if people disagree with it, be the weight your comfortable with, stay healthy, and don’t hurt those around you…no matter what it is your doing.

DeAnna Reneae is currently writing the very anticipated book called, “Sex, Drugs and Divas”. When meeting DeAnna, one thing comes accross very clear, she is unique, she is not afraid to speak her mind, and she tries to empower women through her work.

“Sex, Drugs and Divas” is the epic adventure of an innocent girl that gets lost in the glitter and glamour of the Vegas lifestyle. Follow her journey as she falls deeper into the lure and seduction of the Stripper life. Her battle with drug addiction is touching. You’ll love her and hate her, and you’ll eventually understand her. As she struggles through her life, her tale will take you to the tragic battles with weight and eating disorders, suicide attempts, her desperate cries for help and attempt to change her life and do right in a search for self realization and forgiveness.

Sex Drugs And Divas
Sex Drugs And Divas: Drawing by Scott Allen Huff.

DeAnna states that, ” This book is in dedication to all of the women (and men) who have ever struggled with any of these issues, who are afraid to talk about them or seek help, don’t have the courage or strength to fight back against the obstacles and survive. Weight struggles, substance abuse and suicide are serious issues in our world today. Please know that her life is the life that many young people suffer through today. I hope that her terrible decisions and choices, and ultimately her Fate, can help you or someone you love.”

The book “Sex, Drugs and Divas” will be available for pre-order, for more details after the first of the year check out,
Stay tuned for a book signing and product release party with some of her favorite DJs at an exclusive party at one of San Diego’s top nightclubs.

Sex Drugs And Divas

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Artwork and design by Sabrina Laney and Kitty Camara, web design and management by Chris Angerosa, everything else by DeAnna Reneae.

DaAnna is also working on a perfume, makeup, and clothing line slated to come out sometime in 2013!

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