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Taylor Swift Breaks Up With Conor Kennedy, Still Buying House Next Door

Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy

Taylor Swift, amazing singer and recording artist has now confirmed the end of her relationship with Kennedy Family member Conor, but she is still in the house buying market. Ironically enough the house she is buying is right next door to the Kennedy Mansion in Massachusetts. The good news is that Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy seem to have parted ways peacefully. The young couple was spotted a few months back over summer hanging out and then it became official that the two were dating. As summer cooled off, so did the relationship and now Taylor is extremely busy with her blooming music career and new album.

Taylor’s Newest Album, Red

Her album Red launched this Monday on October 22nd, 2012 and has already broken many records. It is even up in the air whether or not her album will go Platinum and sell over 1,000,000 copies in its first week of sales alone! She has a lot to be proud of and she will be a busy girl come this Christmas and Thanksgiving time with performances and tour dates following up the album.

Check out some pictures below of her new estate in Massachusetts:

Photo Credit: TMZ

Forbes estimates that Taylor Swift is worth over $165 million, and she brought in an amazing $18 million in 2009, $45 million in 2010, $45 million in 2011 and $57 million so far in 2012. This is all before her album recently dropped titled Red. The studio album Red has already produced a huge hit single and most of the records on the album have received considerable air time

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and radio play.

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Taylor Swift and Working With Charities

Taylor Swift could not be at a higher point in her career right now and she seems to be handling it really well. She has invested her money wisely and even devotes a ton of her time to charities and non-profits.

Just to name a few organizations Swift has been active in:

“power of reading” (Scholastic Webcast)

Make-A-Wish Foundation

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Massachusetts

With all of her charitable work and volunteering it is hard to imagine Swift with even enough time for music, let alone a relationship.

Taylor Swift is always one for showing us how to take the higher road, and fortunately that is exactly what both her and Conor seem to be doing. Many news outlets including US Weekly and TMZ have gained access and information regarding the breakup, but Taylor and Conor seem to still be really close friends.

Maybe it won’t be so awkward with her new real estate purchase being geographically close to Conor’s family if the two are still civil and friendly. This news is saddening as much as it is inspiring to see such a young women achieve so much success. Even Apple couldn’t develop and App that could manage Taylor Swift‘s schedule.

Much luck to both Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy in the future, and hopefully both will continue to grow and make great thing happen in the world!

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