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Kicking the Habit: Seven Reasons to Consider Trying Electronic Cigarettes if You’re a Smoker


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 69% of all smokers in the United States want to quit smoking completely. The problem is that smoking is clearly an addiction. Many people smoke because they want to maintain their social life and they think that smoking is the only way to do it. Other people feel that smoking is a way to unwind. The reality is that there are alternatives to smoking, including electronic cigarettes. Commonly known as e-cigarettes, electronic cigarettes offer a safer alternative. Here are seven great reasons to give e-cigarettes a try.

Eliminate Harmful Chemical Intake

Cigarettes are composed of tar and numerous harmful chemicals that are known to cause dangerous diseases. The body needs to work overtime in order to filter out the chemicals in cigarette smoke, and it does so at the risk of its own good health. When a person chooses to use an electronic cigarette instead, they are eliminating the harmful chemical intake, putting less strain on the body and improving their health on many levels.

Enjoy Being Social

One of the many reasons that people choose to smoke cigarettes is because smoking can be a social activity, and people benefit from being social. A person doesn’t need to give up being social by quitting their smoking habit; a person can use electronic cigarettes and still have the same enjoyment of being social with people who smoke or with other non-smokers.

The Money Saving Factor

Smokers can spend thousands of dollars each year to continue their habit, but with electronic cigarettes, a person doesn’t need to buy a pack a day. Electronic cigarettes are the inexpensive way to gain health, stay social, and kick the habit in a safe and affordable way.

Live Longer

Not only are cigarette chemicals and tar related to health

problems and diseases, but cigarettes are also the root of many deaths worldwide. If a person switches to electronic cigarettes, they are giving themselves a fresh start and reducing their chances of self-induced death from the chemicals and tar in cigarettes.

Smell Nicer

The smell of cigarettes can send people running from several feet away. Cigarettes promote unhealthy hair and skin, and the odor from the chemicals and tar can linger for a very long time. Using electronic cigarettes can ensure that a person always smells fresh.

No More Flame Danger

Numerous house fires and forest fires result from a person throwing a cigarette butt out a car window or accidently letting ash fall onto a carpet, curtain, or other flammable areas. Electronic cigarettes do not emit ash, so fires are no longer a concern.

Smoke Electronic Cigarettes Anywhere

Electronic cigarettes can be smoked anywhere, unlike regular cigarettes which can only be smoked in certain areas. Many people have cigarette allergies, and smoking is becoming banned in public places all over the world. Most electronic cigarettes emit only water vapor, which is not harmful. Thus, there is no need for restrictions on where a person may smoke e-cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are the solution for many people who try to quit smoking. As noted above, there are plenty of reasons why smoking electronic cigarettes can be the best way to quit smoking for good.

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