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Cowgirl Couture, Western Wear and More


The celebrities pull it off, as do so many rockers and Country singers alike. The Western look for ladies always seems to pop up in any season. Some swear they’ll never try it, but here’s how to make it work for a signature style.

What is the most common element of the feminine cowgirl look? It is the boots, of course. Many manufacturers such as Frye, a personal favorite, have been making various styles of boots for years. This company started off crafting workboots and has now crossed over into mainstream fashion. They have simple styles and also very detailed designer collections that feature beautiful embroidery and exquisite leather in the hottest hues. They can be found online and also in-store at upscale retailers such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Lord and Taylor and other fine department stores.

Cowboy boots can be paired with a selection of bottoms to achieve various looks. For work, try a pair of leggings or tights with a skirt and the boots. This will be a fashionable statement that can work for any work environment. If in a more conservative workplace, try a subdued pair of cowboy boots in a neutral tone. Pull the rest of the outfit together around the boots so that it becomes feminine and chic. Monochromatic colors and richer materials like suede, silk and cashmere can achieve the goal. This can work with a suit as well. For work attire that includes pants, pair very pointy-toed cowboy boots with a pair of flared slacks. This will let you be cowgirl chic and also elongate your legs with that pointed toe.

If you can have a little more fun with your work attire, a sassier pair of boots will be your go-to. You can choose a bright color, embellishments and embroidery. Again pull the rest of the outfit together around the boots, since they’re the statement piece. Select a color that is found in your boots and choose a top or accessories of the same hue. For the colder months, layering clothing in various colors will also look fabulous with your boots. Choose hues that are in your pair, partnered with neutral pieces like a top, cardigan, skirt, pants or leggings. You can throw together a complete outfit in no time, with the focus being your perfect pair of boots.

Other pieces of cowgirl flare are also out there. You may find a great pair of Western jeans. This denim tends to be of a darker wash with embroidery and flared or very straight bottoms. Either bottom works well with a pair of cowboy boots. A boot with a rounder toe and larger shaft allows jeans to be tucked into the boot. This look is completed with an oversized, long sweater or empire waist shirt or babydoll dress over the jeans. A pointy –toed boot pairs well with Western denim that has a flared opening, hence the name ‘boot-cut’ jeans. You can pair a ladylike button-down shirt, sweater or even a t-shirt with these jeans and boots and have a cute and casual style. Boot-cut jeans also flatter every body type, so you can hunt down your perfect pair.

Some retailers have Western style women’s shirts that come and go with the seasons. Summer usually lends to light, cotton button down shirts. Roll up the sleeves, and you have an easy style with those pointed pockets and shiny snaps. If the shirts are hard to come by in your area, try an on-line retailer. Many thrift shops and vintage stores always seem to have Western shirts on-hand, so take a peek that those types of retailers as well. Pair these shirts with denim, a shirt, or dress pants for work attire.

Find your cowgirl items and throw them together with bold, chunky jewelry for a modern look. Add grandma’s pearls or more delicate accessories and you will have a classic look for your style. Cowboy and Western wear can be fun, easy, and pulled off in any area on any budget. Yeehaw!

Michael Young is the owner of DiscountWesternWear.com & Young’s Western Wear a 3rd generation western wear business in Valentine Nebraska.

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