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My Interview with Photographer Scott Allison!


Read below for my interview with San Diego based photographer Scott Allison & enjoy some of his photography!

Scott Allison

Are you a native San Diegan? I grew up in Philly and moved to San Diego in 1994.


Do you do anything other than photography? I work as an Engineer for my day job.


How long have you been a photographer? 3 years


What are some publications that I can find your work in?

  • -Revolt in Style Magazine (Monthly)
  • -Models Mania Magazine
  • -World Physique Magazine for Women (Cover and Articles, Monthly)
  • -Trans World Surf Magazine


  • -Cexce Bikinis
  • -BabyCakesBikinis
  • -YoursTrulyBikinis
  • -Numerous Websites


Why did you become a photographer?

This is an interesting question as I was back home visiting family and ran into some old friends who were doing promotional modeling and I though, I could run a business like this. So I started one, but as life hands you situations, I needed to get a day job which ended up in Virginia. Giving up the Promotional Modeling Business was hard but I wanted to stay in the industry. I thought, “What can I do in the industry that’s portable?” The answer was photography.

I went out and bought a nice camera and posted a craigslist ad that read: “I want to be a photographer, but really don’t know what I’m doing. The pictures will probably suck, so whoever wants to shoot for an hour, I’ll give you $50 for your time.”

I had a number of responses and chose a girl who had been modeling for a while and got some great shots. I was hooked and the rest is history.

Scott Allison

Do you shoot all types of genres or only, ‘hot babes’? 😉

          While “hot babes” is my preference, I have shot, jewelry, clothing companies, weddings, receptions, engagements and real estate.


Titles:  Photographer. My Motto is, “Sexy not Slutty” and I like to throw in the fact that I can make all your Ex’s kick themselves for not treating you right and hanging on to you.


What have been your top 3 favorite/ most exciting photo shoots?

  • Shooting 12 Hooters Bikini shows over a 2 week period
  • Shooting 18 girls over a weekend at an LA Mansion
  • Basically anytime I discover a girl and do her first shoot while she’s new and trying to learn, then watching her grow and seeing her success.


Scott Allison

How many cameras do you own? Just one. It’s served me well and it’s all I need.


What advice would you give to an aspiring photographer?

          I would tell them the same thing that I was told when I first started. Before my first shoot, I knew a girl who did some modeling and I asked her, “Even if I don’t turn out to be any good at this, how can I separate myself from other photographers where girls will want to shoot with me and refer me to their friends?”

I expected a response like, take great photos, get them published, paid work etc. What she told me surprised me and they are the 2 things I live by and I attribute my success to. It’s what I share with any up-and-coming photographer.

She said:

  • Get the photos back to girls (clients) quickly.
  • Don’t be a creeper.

It seriously has worked amazingly well.

Scott Allison

What advice would you give to an aspiring model?

          Try out different styles, from swimwear/glam/lingerie to fashion, commercial, fitness etc. The best models are those who are comfortable with what they are shooting. Just because you paid for a boob job doesn’t mean you have to shoot swimwear. A lot of girls have trouble with the “sexy face” and struggle for success. Try commercial, smiling, holding a cup of coffee with a scarf. It might turn out that your pearly whites are what sets you apart from others and where you find your success.

After dabbling in a few styles, look at your pics and see what you like best. How does the camera capture you best and where are you most comfortable? Then hone in on that genre and shoot shoot shoot! Keep putting yourself out there!

Scott Allison

You can learn more about & book a shoot with THE Scott Allison on his official website.

Also, check out more of his work on his Facebook Page!

Scott Allison

See a few extra photos from his portfolio posted on our Facebook Page!

 Happy Shooting!

Written by
Jessica Feigner

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