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Interview with Model Jessica Harbour


Scroll below for my interview and my exclusive photo shoot with model, spokesmodel, and host Jessica Harbour!

Jessica Harbour

At the age of 22, you have already done so much as a model, what has been your favorite job, most exciting?

I loved my recent photo shoot for Maxim Magazine; I’m so excited to see my spread on newsstands!

Jessica Harbour

What agency are you represented by?

In San Diego, Zarzar models does a wonderful job of representing me. I also work with a few other model managers throughout Southern California and directly with clients to get bookings.

Jessica Harbour

You just finished college, right? What is your degree in?

–          Yes, my degree was in Psychology. I am still planning on attending graduate school some time soon, but modeling is keeping me so busy, I’m really happy pursuing that for the time being.

What are your goals in the entertainment industry?

Right now I do a lot of promotions and hosting events, and I am so excited to be working more closely with my print agency to get more into the fashion industry and do more catalog, editorial, photo shoot work.

Have you done any runway modeling?

 I just did a runway show at a charity gala this past weekend for Christian Siriano, the winner of project runway. His gowns were absolutely stunning, and can probably claim the prize for the most amazing gown I’ve worn thus far.

Jessica Harbour
Photo shoot for Event Makeup back in 2009. Makeup done by me!

What is your favorite makeup brand?

I love MAC eye colors, Too Faced for contouring, and Jane Iredale for the every day natural look.

What is your favorite hair care tip?

Lots of conditioner!

You are so gorgeous without makeup and I’ve often seen you doing promo work with very light makeup on and you look so great! What is your skin care regimen?

 Thank you! I am obsessive with washing my face morning and night, I use my clarisonic, and I try to take off my make up as soon as possible and go as long as possible without wearing makeup. Sufficient sleep, exercise, healthy diet, and lots of water are also very important for keeping that healthy glow.

What beauty product can you not leave home without?

No matter what, I always have chapstick. Chapped dry lips never look OK.

Jessica Harbour

What is the best part of your job? The worst?

The best part of my job is the variety, I am always tackling new challenges, meeting new people, and seeing new places. I love that no two days of my job are the same. The worst part of my job is the creepy people and exhaustion from working long hours with lots of travel involved.

Yes, travel… so where is the coolest place that your job has ever taken you?

Daytona Beach Florida was a lot of fun! I hope to go somewhere like the Bahamas or Brazil for an amazing shoot on the beach at some point.

What advice would you give to aspiring models?

I would tell them to always stick by their morals, people will only give you the respect you deserve if you have respect for yourself. I feel that I have been so successful in my career because I bring God there with me.

Jessica Harbour


See below for photos from our exclusive photo shoot for this interview with Jessica Harbour with photographer & makeup artist, Reuben Dixon of Glamtography & Event Makeup!


Jessica Harbour

Jessica Harbour

Jessica Harbour

Jessica Harbour

See more pictures of Jessica Harbour at Event Makeup!

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