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Bachelorette Winner Jordan Rodgers Also Wins ESPN

Bachelorette Winner Jordan Rodgers Also Wins Over ESPN

Many things are changing for Mr. Bachelorette Winner Jordan Rodgers as just this Monday he won over the heart of ABC’s “The Bachelorette” but now the groom-to-be has a new job lined up with none other than ESPN. ESPN just announced that they have hired Bachelorette Winner Jordan Rodgers as their latest and greatest on-air talent for their SEC Network sports show called SEC Now.

Just in case you are currently living under a rock and don’t know who Bachelorette Winner Jordan Rodgers is, he is former Vanderbilt football quarterback and little brother to Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.

During the ESPN release Bachelorette Winner Jordan Rodgers commented saying, “I’ve spent the summer studying in preparation for the football season. Part of the job is based on personal experience, but knowing the rosters, stats and dynamics of 14 teams and their opponents every week is the work aspect.”

Now you might think in a circle of sports analysts, Bachelorette Winner Jordan Rodgers might be the only one from a reality show but you would be wrong. Jesse Palmer, also on SEC was featured on ABC’s “The Bachelorette” back in 2004!

Bachelorette Winner Jordan Rodgers will start his new gig with ESPN’s SEC Now show this month on August 23rd. So if you were sad that “The Bachelorette” was over you can still get your Jordan Rodgers fix on the SEC Network providing sports news. It’s a great way to start a new engagement! Unfortunately, he won’t be celebrating this great news with his big bro as the two don’t speak after some issues between the Rodgers family and Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend of about 3 years Olivia Munn according to an unknown source.

Bachelorette Winner Jordan Rodgers and his bride-to-be Jojo Fletcher (who has never met Aaron Rodgers) are not going to let that damper their excitement as they have a lot to look forward to in their new life together! Jojo spoke to host Chris Harrison in an interview about the family rift, “it’s not something that we…  it’s not the focus for us right now, it’s about us.”

And with that they head in to a new chapter of their lives together with new jobs and a new love.

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