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July, 2013

  • 22 July

    BEAUTY ALERT! Moisturizing is Important

    It is important to moisturize your entire body to prevent cracks, wrinkles and even premature aging due to a loss in elasticity in the skin; this applies to your face as well as your body. We all have skin in common, what we might not have in common is which …

June, 2013

  • 3 June

    A Last Minute Wedding Checklist

    You and your wedding planner have meticulously planned your big day, but nonetheless there are some things that go ‘under the radar’ and can be easily forgotten or overlooked. Don’t jeopardize the biggest event of your life by forgetting any of these potentially important details. A Wedding Videographer You’ve picked …

May, 2013

  • 23 May

    Should The Proposal Be A Surprise Or Should You Involve Her In Picking The Ring?

      Customarily speaking, a bride-to-be receives an engagement ring and then a wedding band on the day of the ceremony. However, not all women (or their partners) are conventional. They may forego the engagement ring altogether or even the wedding ring. Of course, those who choose this path are in …

  • 23 May

    Six Memorable Celebrity Wedding Gowns

    Spring is here and the wedding season is upon us.  Every bride knows that the dress she chooses can make or break the look of the entire occasion.  Here are six of the more memorable celebrity wedding gowns to serve as inspiration in your quest for the dress: Lady Diana …

April, 2013

  • 30 April

    What is the DIY Liquid?

    While store bought E-Liquid is used by many who vape, some of us find great joy in preparing our own liquids, may it be just for the discovery of new flavors and aromas, or because it can save up some dollars at the end of the month. Be it as …

  • 22 April

    Women and Libido: Reviving the Sex Drive

    As the baby boomer generation ages, more and more women are losing their sex drive. Many are entering perimenopause, and others are moving beyond menopause. Too many report little or no sexual desire, and they are not happy about this. Known medically as hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), low libido …

March, 2013

  • 15 March

    Intel STS Winner Announced At Glamorous Gala

      Glamorous Crowd Enjoying the Gala at the National Building Museum Recently, our GGN founders Josh Bois and Rick Jeffries, were given the opportunity to attend the Intel STS event and Gala as a philanthropic press outlet that promotes innovation and positivity. Here at GotGlam? we love to cover great …

  • 7 March

    Mila Kunis’s Makeup Artist Tells All!

    Mila Kunis is making her rounds doing interviews, press, and red carpet events for her latest movie ‘Oz: The Great And Powerful.’ That 70’s show star got gleaming reviews at both her premiers for the movie…but not just for her acting but for her amazing red carpet makeup looks! And …

  • 1 March

    Louis Vuitton Show Spring Summer Collection 2013

    Marc Jacobs as the creative director for Louis Vuitton showed why he holds that position at the Paris Louis Vuitton Show Spring Summer Collection 2013. Be inspired by the bright colors, bare midriffs, and checkered patterns for your spring/summer style! Marc Jacobs was inspired by the French artist Daniel Buren …

February, 2013

  • 26 February

    Looks Like Kim Kardashian Is Having A Baby Girl!

      Rumors are buzzing all around that the reality tv queen, Kim Kardashian and her soon to be baby daddy have recently been to the doctor and found out the sex of their baby! Yes, Kim Kardashian is having a baby girl! While Kim has not yet confirmed the big …