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Celebrity Plastic Surgeries That Continue to Make Headlines


>Most celebrities are obsessed with looking flawless and therefore turn to plastic surgery to try to correct any parts of their bodies they believe to be imperfect. Even though many celebrities have undergone one type of plastic surgery or another, there are a couple of them who have become truly addicted to these types of cosmetic procedures.
Joan Rivers’ name has been synonymous with excessive cosmetic surgery procedures for many years and it doesn’t seem like changing anytime soon. The popular actress is rumored to have undergone the knife over 10 times for varying procedures. The shocking aspect is that her family has been forced to intervene to at least minimize her strong ambition to look good. Even at the age of 79, she is still able to talk herself into undergoing different cosmetic procedures in order to keep her fountain of youth flowing.
Bruce Jenner won the hearts of many Americans when he won a gold medal at the 1976 Olympics. But, in his bid to keep his overnight popularity from ever fading, he went under the knife for a nose job and facelift which was far from successful. Even though he has reinvented his life as a reality TV star, he will always remain popular for his botched plastic surgery.
Hills star Heidi Montag has always being famous due to her extreme hunger for fame ever since she had a breakthrough on TV with her hit reality show, The Hills. In a bid to have a perfect body, Heidi went under the knife for an astonishing 10 different plastic surgery procedures in a single day. Breast augmentation, nose job, chin reduction, neck liposuction and Botox were just a few of procedures her body had to tolerate on that fateful day. You can bet that even her mother had difficulties recognizing her after those bouts of cosmetic surgery.
Michael Jackson made lots of headlines and won over millions of people with his exceptional music, dance and fashion routines. After a rehearsal accident in 1979 which resulted in a broken nose, Jackson took advantage of the situation to hire a plastic surgeon for a nose job. In a bid to look even better, Jackson signed up for repeated rhinoplasty surgeries as well as numerous skin bleaching procedures. This led to dramatic different appearances for the smooth-voiced music star for over 3 decades until his demise in 2009. Even four years after his tragic death, the King of Pop continues to remain the poster boy of celebrity plastic surgery and will probably remain so for the foreseeable future.
Jennifer Grey has become more famous for her botched nose job in 1987 than her on-screen talents. Unlike many celebrities who consistently deny their plastic surgery maneuvers, the actress has always been open about using cosmetic surgery to try to improve areas of her body she feels uncomfortable with. The actress’ appearance has changed dramatically in recent times, possibly due to more surgeries aimed at correcting some of the anomalies suffered in her infamous surgery. Even at the age of 52, she appears to look younger and wrinkle-free.
As you can see, even celebrities end up falling in love with a few too many cosmetic procedures and quickly become infamous for their botched surgeries.
Christina Harwell is a professional blogger that provides news and information on Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeons and doctors. She writes for Beverly Hills Body, where Dr. Richard Ellenbogen is one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Hills CA.

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