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Interview with Adlee Bee, Owner of Club Lashes

Check out my interview with the owner of Club Lashes below and learn all about where to get the best falsies on the market!

Club Lashes

Tell me a little about yourself: Hi! Thanks for having me. I really dig GotGlam, you’ve got some of the juiciest reads I’ve seen online for beauty and fashion.

I like to have fun, love the sun, and treasure the people who surround me with inspiration.

My dad always told me to invent something people need. So that’s what

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Club Lashes

Why did you start Club Lashes?

Exactly that! Making it easy for girls of all ages to look gorgeous for less. Lashes are way over priced… and its wrong. Guys get it easy! I think we should too. So I’m changing it up.

What type of person were Club Lashes made for?

Anyone who loves lashes like I do and doesn’t want to be gouged for

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What makes Club Lashes different?

It costs a LOT to get gorgeous long lashes. To go to the salon can cost a hundred bucks and a few hours! Then the lashes fall out all choppy. Lashes and glue are expensive everywhere. Even CVS and drugstores charge too much. So I find the best lashes, bundle em with glue, save you time, money, and gas! (:

"Kimmy" from Club Lashes
“Kimmy” from Club Lashes

How does it work?

It’s simple. You sign up, choose your favorite lashes, and how many you’d like us to ship you every month. There are 3 different options: Basic, 2 pairs/month, Elite, 4 pairs/month, and VIP, 6 pairs/month + freebies and free shipping. They all come with application kits.

Where can people get their hands on these amazing lashes?

www.Facebook.com/clublashes or www.clublashes.com

Club Lashes
Adlee’s favorite everyday look from her own lash line at Club Lashes!


What is your favorite style of lashes from your line?

Ooh that is tough. Its good to switch it up. Each pair can give you a really different look. Its fun, its dress up! My first love: “Kimmy” Kim Kardashian’s look.

My daily Go-To: “Barely There” Light, fluffy, long, and black. Perfect for day or night, rain or shine.

For someone who is going to try false lashes, which style would you recommend trying first?

Definitely the Barely There. Something light, long, and fluffy!

Do you have any tips for applying false lashes?

I promise you, if you’re a beginner, they aren’t hard to do and you will adore them and love the way you look.

Quick Tips:

Always wait 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky. Use a table or counter to steady your elbows when applying. Don’t bother with mascara… Its messy. Use a liquid liner to tint lower lashes.


"Barely There" by Club Lashes
“Barely There” by Club Lashes

How can people contact you for more info?





Owner of Club Lashes, Adlee Bee
Owner of Club Lashes, Adlee Bee









Awesome! Thank you for for keeping girls glam with your lashes and I can’t wait to offer them at Event Makeup and receive them monthly for myself!

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