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Like or Loathe?: Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Fashion

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 Kim Kardashian Maternity Fashion

Kim Kardashian’s maternity style has caught the eyes of many. I mean some days she hits it and then there are some days its a total miss. There are those who argue that “pregnant women are off limits” when it comes to criticizing their bodies and their appearance. But we people in the fashion world can’t help but give our fashion opinion. Kim Kardashian  knew what she was doing when she allowed Kayne to overhaul her whole wardrobe and hired Ricardo Tisci to dress her throughout her pregnancy. Everyday that Kim walks out her house and the paparazzi snap pics of her, is another day we get to see what she decided to wear for the day. Some days its multiple outfits. It almost like a game of “What Will Kim Wear Today?”

I have my personal favorites, mostly anything that flares out about the belly and loose fitting giving the appearance of comfortable which in my opinion gives the impression that she is more confident. All those tight body con dresses  aren’t very flattering as she often looks like to needed assistance squeezing into those type of dresses. But hey she can pull it off better than most women, not like Halle Berry but that’s for another post. Anywho, I often find myself wondering why on God’s good green earth Kim insists on wearing high heels that she clearly has to force her feet into. I mean there seems like a health issue may arise if she continuously applies pressure to swollen limbs but I guess Kim has that in control. Most importantly it’s really a  health issue to those who have to look at her poor feet!

If I where Kim stylist I would have her wearing the best most fancy flats I could find and dress her up in clothing that makes her look “comfortable chic.” No ankle booties! No body con dresses! No sheer clothing!  No high heels! But that’s me….you tell us what you think!

Do you agree with me on the “comfortable chic?” Which pregnancy fashion do you Like or Loathe on Kim?


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