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Was LORDE Photoshopped?

Did a Canadian based magazine called FASHION, photoshop LORDE’s nose? Right or wrong? Personally as someone who does editing and such, I wouldn’t care but, in fact I would probably appreciate it 😉 But not everyone feels the same when it comes to their unapproved photoshopping!



Miss seventeen year old and instant pop icon, LORDE called out the Candaian magain, Fashion for obviously photoshopping her nose. However the magazine denys claims that her nose was altered. Um…Okay!

Kind of hard to argue with the chick herself, you’d think that she knows what her nose looks like! Well, April 16, 2014 the teen star tweeted her disappointment with the magazine’s decision to crop her nose. Check out her tweet below, tough industry, tough industry.

While she isn’t the only one in this position, given the new fame, it’s probably just a bit of shock that someone would alter her. One day they will know her so well for her look and music that they will focus on that well known nose instead of hide it!





“I can assure you, FASHION Magazine did not give Lorde a new nose,” stated Morra for to the press on April 17, 2014. “Sometimes lighting or camera angles can give the impression that things look smaller, larger or different than they really are.”

This chika doesn’t just bite her lip when something is on her mind, she speaks up and we could use more of that in this industry! She has spoken out on Twitter a few times on this matter because this is not the first time tht this has happened to her, she told the world, “remember flaws are ok.” We are so often ashamed of whatever doesn’t get approved by the press and critics but the more confident you are, you will eventually prove them wrong!

 Try going a day without makeup! Practice your confidence!

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